What is AntCoin?

AntCoin, which is based on TRX technology, which is decentralized like many crypto currencies, is offered with a measurable, fast and secure structure.
AntCoin is designed to benefit many sectors and aims to share the content they want with the people they want, as they wish, within the confidentiality. If AntCoin can implement this target, a user anywhere in the world can create, store and share content using AntCoin. In addition, it can charge the content it shares and generate revenue.
AND, which is the currency of AntCoin, which aims to give control to its users completely, is at the project stage. After a certain number of users planned at the end of 2021, it is aimed to produce 10 billion units. Since there is no energy consumption in the mining system, it does not harm nature and the environment.

How to mining?

Ant Network can be easily done without consuming new generation battery and data. You have to do: 1. Download the app 2. Register And start

When will the system start working?

The system started working with mining. When we complete our roadmap with our team, we will clearly announce our goals and objectives.

What should we do when we see an error in the application.

We haven't published our corporate e-mail address yet. You can reach our developer team with a common e-mail address. You can solve your problems.

What is White Paper?

A white paper is an informational document written to persuade people to support a product, service or idea. Our white paper will be published soon.

I forgot my password

We cannot reset your password due to the error in our system, but if you write to us from your registered mail address, we will help.

What is the Package?

It is a limited-edition system that will allow you to quickly reach the total number of mining. Your package purchases will be sent to your account within 1 day, and you can quickly mine coins.

What is the Transfer?

It is created for you to send coins to your friends. You can get your friend's wallet code and send him a gift coin. We recommend that you pay attention to the commission fee and the minimum sending amount.